Nepal has lots of things to offers to any individuals that travel to Nepal. From adventure activities like trekking in Nepal, bungee jumping, peak climbing, there are lots more things you can explore in Nepal. Moreover, you can also opt for softer things like cultural experiences which gives you a broad knowledge of Nepalese history, culture and tradition. Also, if you like observing things that are around us and are wild fanatics about the jungles then no worries Nepal’s rich biodiversity will spellbind you. It is just there is varieties of things you can do in Nepal. It just that you will get confused about where to start. So to make your dilemma more sorted, here we have brought 7 best things to do in Nepal. So to make your confusion a little less, here we have acquired 7 best things Nepal. And the list goes like this:

  • Go for Trekking in the Himalayas


How can anyone forget about the mountains of Nepal? Being home of the 10 tallest mountain in the world among the 14 highest mountains of the world, avid trekkers will find all sorts of trekking trails in Nepal. Be it extreme or the easiest trekking routes, here is every type of trekking trails.

Few of the most popular trekking destination in Nepal is Everest Base Camp Trek for being home of Mt. Everest, Annapurna Base Camp Trek for offering versatile experience while on the trek, Upper Mustang trek for remote and medieval experience and many more. These are just a few names of the best trekking destination in the world.

Additionally, trekking is not only the way to get closer to the mountains but it also allows you to experience the authentic Himalayan culture of Nepal that is so similar to Tibetan Buddhist culture. Also, you can observe different types of Landscapes that have staged Nepal geography. Hence, trekking is the best way to know about the tallest mountains in the world as well as the collective ethnicity of Nepal.

So if for the full experience of Nepal one got to do trekking while in Nepal.

  • Take a Jungle Safari in Nepal


Nepal’s subtropical region shelters a variety of wildlife in its dense jungles. The rich wild vegetation lets explorers to observe the varieties of wild flora and fauna of Nepal. One can find some of most interesting animals and plants in Nepal while being safe in their surroundings. Through varieties of Jungle activities, you can enjoy the essence of being in the wilderness of Nepal. There are activities like jeep safari, canoeing, bird watching, jungle walking and many more you can do to observe the animals in their natural habitat. It is the most pleasurable thing to do while in Nepal. It allows you to enjoy the gift of Mother Nature and takes you away from the fast-paced life you have in the city.

  • Go for White Water Rafting


It is one of the most daring things to do for anyone who is looking to challenge themselves while playing in the rapids of a river. White Water Rafting in Nepal is a hit among those who just want to do something exciting and overwhelming. The rapidly flowing rivers of Nepal offer all levels of rapids so if you are a beginner and do not want to exert yourself into too daring then don’t worry. From the beginner level to challenging rapids, here is everything and you can choose what suits you the most.

Besides, Nepal is one of the best destinations for rafting so you are in the right place for authentic rafting experience.

  • Admire the sacred and spiritual heritage sites of Nepal


To learn the historical background of Nepal, one should find themselves around the world heritage sites of Nepal. Kathmandu Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, Swoyambhunath, Pashupatinath are some the heritage sites of Nepal. In these places, one can learn about the spiritual, historical background of Nepal. When you are visiting a foreign land, it is meant that you should learn about some history behind it. Hence, sightseeing tours around the world heritage sites will definitely enlighten in this regard. Moreover, these places not only hold the history but also showcases the beautiful arts, crafts, intricate designs and architecture that has been carved by the forefathers.

So make sure you are at least visiting a few world heritage sites to admire the sacred and spiritual heritage sites of Nepal.

  • Visit Lumbini – Birthplace of Gautam Buddha


Lumbini is the place you should be if you are feeling anxious and worried. Lumbini is not only famous for being the birthplace of Gautam Buddha- the light of Asia. But it is also famous for the arts, architecture and the many monasteries that this place is surrounded with. But most importantly, for the ambiance that the peaceful environment of this place offers.

One who visits the place will find many visitors simply meditating and calmly observing the place. Similarly, the peaceful environment of the place gives your anxious heart and mind a rest. So you have got to visit the place enjoy the quiet atmosphere of the Lumbini.

  • Go for day Hiking


Day hiking around Kathmandu is pretty famous. You can find many hiking trails if you are in touristic places like Kathmandu or Pokhara. In fact, you can find in every place of Nepal but these two are the most popular cities of Nepal. If you are in Kathmandu, then there are many close hiking trails like Budhanilkantha hike, Dhulikhel Hike, Nagarkot Hike, Annapurna base camp hike, Shivapuri National Park Hike, and Kakani Hike. Or if you are in Pokhara, you can opt for Sarangkot Hike, World Peace Pagoda Hike and many others.

These hiking trails let you observe how the places which are just a few hours away from the main cities are different. Some of the places will give you a feeling of being in the countryside of Nepal which you will get visit while on the trek. Also, many of these hikes also entail visiting sacred temples in between. So if you are saved with few leisure day in Nepal, then opt for the hikes and get the most awesome panoramic views of the cities and the mountains.

  • Take a MO:MO making class


MO: MO’s are the Nepali version of dumplings. These dumplings are quite different than the dumpling you have in the other south Asian countries. One fun fact, MO: MO’s are the favorite snacks of the Nepalese. Everybody eats them and it comes in different shapes, sizes and flavors too. Learn to make MO MO’s while in Kathmandu and share the dish with your friends and family. We know cooking is not everybody’s forte but MO: MO making classes are fun and interactive too. You will have good memories while making this simple dish that is enjoyed all over Nepal.

These are a few things that you should do while in Nepal. There are few other things that too but if we mention every single one of them, then the list will only get longer and longer. So we have listed only a few things that are very much enjoyed in Nepal by foreigners. Visit Nepal, try doing one of these things and make your days in Nepal an unforgettable memory.


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