New Texas House caucus to focus on water security and systems upgrades

Members of the Texas House Water Caucus

AUSTIN (KXAN) — In the Texas Capitol, bridging partisan divisions seems to be about water, because this particular issue is bringing together a broad coalition of House lawmakers during this legislative session.

At least 67 state representatives are now officially part of the newly created Texas House Water Caucus. These members include legislators from the state’s largest cities to its rural communities, with an almost equal number of Republicans and Democrats in its ranks. The caucus, its organizers say, will work this session to not only prioritize scaling up the state’s water supply, but also invest in Texas’ aging water infrastructure.

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Upcoming Moto G phones leak: In for a downgrade?

Upcoming Moto G phones leak: In for a downgrade?

Moto G73 Moto G53 A downgrade over previous models?


Ryan Haines / Android Authority


The Motorola Moto G53 and G73 have leaked online. These devices look like a downgrade in some ways compared to the G52 and G72.

The Moto G series of smartphones aren’t the most spectacular budget devices in the world, but they’ve got a decent following in some markets. Now, it looks like two new entries have leaked online in recent days.

The NinjaBike Messenger Bag could be the next great exotic gear piece in The Division 2

What’s so good about the NinjaBike Messenger Bag? So, how do we get the NinjaBike Messenger Bag?


The Division 2 is gearing up for its year 5 roadmap, but the next big content drop will be season 11, due at an as yet confirmed date in “early 2023”. It can’t be too far away, since the PTS for it went live on PC on January 13. 

The PTS is the first chance players have to experience what will be coming in season 11, including new gear. While there are new brand sets to play with, the most interesting piece of gear revealed so far isn’t yet available. 


It’s called the NinjaBike Messenger Bag, and its talent sounds particularly intriguing. This one piece of gear could potentially make for some serious build diversity, and I think it’s going to become a vital piece beyond just collecting all the exotics in the game. 

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Square Enix to Deepen Its Blockchain Efforts in 2023 – Blockchain Bitcoin News

Square Enix to Deepen Its Blockchain Efforts in 2023 – Blockchain Bitcoin News

Square Enix Reflects on 2022 Blockchain-Related Shortcomings More Blockchain Games Incoming



Square Enix, the Japanese gaming giant, is preparing to announce more blockchain-based titles in 2023. As part of a now traditional new year’s letter issued by Yosuke Matsuda, CEO of the company, the executive announced some of the moves Square Enix will make regarding blockchain tech, and also pondered several situations which surrounded blockchain in 2022.