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Astronomers found the source of a mysterious distant light in space

Scientists discovered a mysterious light in what they previously believed was a darker region of space. The light, which James Webb picked up, was initially invisible when Hubble observed the area. But scientists aren’t quite sure what caused this mysterious light in space, so they’re still searching.

The researchers who spotted the light have published a paper on it in The Astrophysical Journal Letters. In that paper, they detail how Webb discovered the mysterious light in space, hiding behind a thick cloud of dust that can’t be seen through using other telescopes.

The light, which has scientists scrambling to identify its source, is blazing from two galaxies in the process of merging and becoming one. The source of the light within the merger isn’t clear, but the scientists say knowing where the mysterious light is located in space could help solve the puzzle.

Scientists find dense ring around dwarf planet, but can’t quite explain why it’s there

New telescope information has revealed {that a} dwarf planet within the outer reaches of the photo voltaic system has a dense ring around it, leaving scientists and astronomers confused as to why.

Scientists on the European Space Agency announced Wednesday that information and observations of the planet Quaoar which was collected between 2018 and 2021 —from ground-based telescopes, and the space-based telescope Cheops — led them to the invention.

The ESA disclosed that Quaoar crossed in entrance of a succession of distant stars, blocking their mild because it handed, in an occasion known as an occultation. When the planet blocked that mild, scientists had been in a position to see its ring.

Typically, occultations could be tough to study from as a result of the alignment of the planet, stars and telescope needs to be excellent, the ESA defined.

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EXPLAINER: Is China sharing sufficient COVID-19 data?


TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) — As COVID-19 sweeps via China, different international locations and the World Well being Group are calling on their authorities to share extra complete knowledge on the outbreak. Some even say that most of the numbers it experiences are nonsense.

With out fundamental knowledge just like the variety of deaths, infections and extreme instances, governments elsewhere have instituted virus testing necessities for vacationers from China. Beijing has stated the measures aren’t primarily based on science and threatens countermeasures.


Most worrisome is whether or not new variants of the large an infection creating in China will emerge and unfold to different international locations. The delta and omicron variants developed in locations that additionally had giant outbreaks, which can be a breeding floor for brand spanking new variants.

This is a have a look at what’s taking place with China’s COVID-19 knowledge:


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