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Friday Bread Crumbs

As those of you on the Bread email list have known all week, our baker Janice is taking Thanksgiving weekend off from bread baking. That, combined with the national resurgence of The Virus, means that the wine shop is also closed to visitors this weekend.
Until the national surge in Covid cases abates, we are backing off from allowing visitors inside for wine shopping. Instead we are going back to email/phone ordering only. Click on the Order Wine link in the header above for currently available wines with tasting notes and prices. We are making progress on setting up enough of an online store to allow our members to order and pay online for pickup on Fridays or by arrangement. For the time being, when you have made your selections you can call us with your order or email us using the Contact Us link above to send us your order. We will contact you to confirm your order and to make arrangements for pickup/delivery.
Wine of the Week: Sea Sun Pinot Noir 

Sea Sun is one many wine labels created by the Charles Wagner family which began with the inauguration of the Caymus winery in Napa Valley in 1972. They were among the pioneers who made Napa cabernets sought after and collectible. In the fifty years since then, the family has expanded its portfolio of  wineries to include Mer Soleil, Emmolo, Conundrum, Bonanza, and Sea Sun. Their wines tend to be big, fruity, flavorful wines with rich flavors and pleasing mouthfeel that evokes a pleasant sense of self-indulgence without breaking the bank.
Sea Sun Pinot Noir ’17    California    $18
A bountiful deep red, this wine features scents of baked cherries, toasted wood and fresh out of the oven baguette, with hints of cranberry and flinty graphite. On the palate, there is an intensity and creaminess to the fruit, evoking the ripe richness of pie filling. Toasted oak and vanilla add intriguing layers, while grippy tannins create depth and dimension. The finish tapers off with this wine’s lush fruit.

Mar a Lago Update: Our Imperfect Union

Georgia. Not Wisconsin, not Michigan, not Pennsylvania. Georgia. To a substantial degree, perhaps measurable in various ways over the next decade and beyond, the outcome of the two U.S. Senate seats remaining  to be determined in the 2020 election may very well have a huge impact on the future of the entire world.
In an editorial last June, columnist Jennifer Senior wrote an opinion piece in the NY Times tracing “Trumpism” back some thirty years to the Gingrich Revolution in the Republican Party: Gingrich wrote the playbook for it all. The nastiness, the contempt for norms, the transformation of political opponents into enemies…You really could argue that today’s napalm politics began with Newt: The normalization of personal destruction. The contempt for custom. The media-baiting, the annihilation of bipartisan comity, the delegitimizing of institutions.
Her story was strongly influenced by the release of Burning Down the House, a book by historian Julian Zelizer, which traces how Gingrich’s scorched-earth politics transformed the Republican Party: So much that’s associated with the Republican Party under Trump, Zelizer argues — the rowdiness, the bare-knuckle name-calling, the white-knuckle clinging to power at all cost — dates back to Gingrich’s ascent in the late ’80s.
Gingrich spawned a generation of Republican politicians who had no respect for tradition or inter-party comity in the House or Senate. Rather, Gingrich made it fashionable for aspiring Republicans to use mockery, hyperbole, anger, personal insult, and other forms of ad hominem attacks against electoral opponents. Since Gingrich, the point has never been to argue a platform; it has consistently been to manage public perception.
All of this division has been fueled not only by these Republican politicians, but also their joined-at-the-hip Media Echo Chambers at Fox News, Brietbart, and a national network of anger-mongering radio pundits. Curiously, having managed to make the Tweetster the Star of their Show, the Party now needs his support to win these crucial Georgia Senate seats. And no, he isn’t going to do it out of party loyalty.
This could all be the last Scene of some sci-fi Shakespeare play. In the romance version the world is saved. In the tragedy version, Darth McConnell launches the Death Star and it’s the end of Ever..y….t…..h……i……..n…………g…………………………………
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