The Association of Spanish Soccer Players (AFE) sent to Higher Sports Council (CSD) a series of observations to his protocol for the return of training and professional competitions, to ask for clarification on issues such as action in the face of contagion, concentrations and conditions for the return of the matches.

The AFE issued a statement this Saturday night where it exposes the letter sent to the CSD, making it clear in the first place that the period they had to make observations was one hour and 15 minutes, without previously having it as requested. “The first question we have asked is if indeed the Ministry of Health has approved this protocol“who” must exclusively give a letter of nature to this type of documents “.

The AFE separates in five points the observations to the document itself. On the one hand, regarding “basic principles”, he points out that in case of contagion, the measures to be taken should not be a decision “neither by LaLiga, nor by the RFEF, nor even by the CSD” but by Health, as well as the acquisition and realization of test. On the other hand, it requests “coordination and supervision” of compliance with the protocol.

In addition, AFE refers to the section on reincorporation into sports activity and asks that it be specified “what will be that professional specialist in the Covid-19 together with the doctor who will carry out this supervisory work “and demands an” occupational risk plan “with the way of acting” when a contagion occurs “,” a topic is not stated in the document “, respecting the privacy of the athlete.

On the other hand, in the “medium training phase”, the AFE does not understand that “spaces outside the hospital or the family environment are enabled, and quarantine in remote places. “” This measure is unconstitutional “AFE says in its response to CSD.

“Nothing is specified or clarified as to whether it has once tested positive, and as a precaution, as a precedent has already occurred in our sport, it will mean the entire team is quarantined“He insists. At the stage prior to the start of the competition, AFE also charges against the concentrations.

Minimum of three to four weeks spoken. This may be unconstitutional, since it is limiting rights, in addition to depriving days with families. It is not understood that it is such a long period of time, once the previous phases have been overcome, “he adds.

As for the return to competition, which will be when the Government allows it, AFE insists that “there can be no less than 72 hours of rest between matches” and controlling “the issue of temperatures”, where they ask cooling breaks if there is between 28 and 32ºC, and do not play if the temperature exceeds 32º


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