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Cara Santa Maria (Cara Louise Santa Maria) is a famous American science communicator nowadays serving as a co-host of The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe podcast and host of Talk Nerdy. Before that, she served as a co-host of TechKnow, Al Jazeera America’s podcast.

Samsung Launches Grand Republic Sale with Mega Offers and Cash Back on, Samsung Shop App and Samsung Exclusive Store

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ChatGPT has investors drooling, but can it bring home the bacon?

When ChatGPT—the ingenious, garrulous, and occasionally unhinged chatbot from OpenAI—was asked this week how much the company behind it is worth, its responses included: “It is likely that its worth is in the hundreds of millions of dollars, if not more.”

Microsoft, which is rumored to be weighing a $10 billion investment in OpenAI on top of an earlier $1 billion commitment, is betting that the company is worth a lot more—despite the fact neither ChatGPT nor other AI models made by OpenAI are yet raking in huge amounts of cash. OpenAI has built several impressive and attention-grabbing demos and powers a popular autocomplete function for coders offered by Microsoft’s GitHub. But despite the hype swirling around its technology, the startup hasn’t created a breakout, highly lucrative product or business.


Creating True Wealth in the New Year

At the dawn of a new season, creating change is often top of mind. The idea of progress ignites a fire within us that many of us recognize as motivation. However, motivation can fade over time. Resolutions can quickly dwindle if fresh habits are not created to help keep you on track. My life’s experiences have shown me that motivation is what gets you started, and habits are what keep you going.

Why USDT Is Plunging While Other Stablecoins Are Not

Why USDT Is Plunging While Other Stablecoins Are Not

USDC Leads In Transaction Volume   Japan’s FSA Reconsiders Trading with Stablecoins in 2023

Stablecoin adoption has grown immensely, observed especially following the collapse of Terra.

USDC and USDT have seen sizeable growth, but USDT has a lot of keeping up to do with its value plunging as of press time.

USDT trades at $0.09999 as of this writing Stablecoin waning in terms of social mentions and engagements Tether exhibits strength in terms of market cap at $66 billion

What Car Is Best to Lease?

What Car Is Best to Lease?

1. Tesla Model 3 2. Honda HR-V 3. Fiat 500 4. Citroen C3 5. SEAT Ibiza


Leasing a car is one of the best ways to finance a new ride. Whether you’re tired of your old car and want a change or whether you’re thinking of buying a secondary family car to help with chores around town, leasing can be a solution to all your financial troubles, while still getting you a new set of wheels as soon as possible. 

Where to find the iPhone 13 at the best price for Christmas?

A new, more efficient chip A dual camera for the classic iPhone 13

Looking for an iPhone 13 to offer at Christmas? The Apple phone continues to be affected by attractive promotions before the end of the year holidays!


Wishing to offer a iPhone 13 for Christmas? Apple’s phone is enjoying a resurgence in popularity after the arrival of its successor. Considered more interesting in terms of price/quality, the iPhone 13 still has excellent feedback on its various performances. Although it was released more than a year ago, the iPhone 13 still shines, especially in its photo part!

The iPhone 13 has the advantage of being often offered on sale. If you are looking to offer the telephone Apple for the end of year celebrations, it would be a shame to pay full price! Several sites like Rakuten offer great discounts. The iPhone 13 Mini, however, still has the best price available.

Germany says borrowing more money to compete with the U.S. would be a ‘threat’ to Europe
Bitcoin 2022 bear market ‘usual’ despite key trend line loss — analyst

Bitcoin 2022 bear market ‘usual’ despite key trend line loss — analyst

“Business as usual so far” for Bitcoin bear market Hopes of BTC price “macro regime shift”

Bitcoin (BTC) spending an “unprecedented” period below a key moving average is a poor guide to the 2022 bear market.

That was the opinion of analyst Superswell, who this week championed on-chain metrics as a way of understanding current BTC price action.

What Is Finance?

Essentially, Financing is the study of money, money, and also assets. It is likewise associated with business economics, which is the study of production, usage, as well as circulation.

Time value of money Frequently used as an investment device, time worth of cash assists you make the ideal investment decision. It can help you gauge the possibility of a future project. It can likewise reveal you the better means to spend or save money. debt consolidating

Time worth of money is the principle that cash in the present is worth more than cash in the future. It is an essential concept in money and it is also associated with the idea of acquiring power.

Time worth of cash is one of the beginning concepts of Western financing. It is a principle that has influenced federal government finance, customer finance and company finance. It additionally has an adverse relationship with rising cost of living.