Myths Surrounding CBD Oil Including Tinctures
  • Myths Surrounding CBD Oil Products Like The Tinctures For Instance
  • Myths Surrounding CBD Oil Including Tinctures

    When information gets passed around from one person to another it gets distorted in the mix. It starts out accurate and then, as it goes, each person changes something until the last person has a completely different tale than the factual message.

    This is where myths come from. Sadly, that last person is going around telling people a false depiction of something. It would not be awful unless the information were critical as in - health.

    Cannabidiol / CBD oil is one of those vital pieces of information that is getting twisted and turned into false information that the public needs to have corrected in order that they can use these products in the right way to achieve the full benefits of the compound’s properties.

    And unfortunately, there’s a lot of inaccurate or conflicting information floating around. For example, a lot of people believe that CBD can get you 'high'. This is simply not the case, as CBD is not psychoactive.

    This misconception comes from the fact CBD is derived from marijuana, but it is the THC in marijuana that is psychoactive.

    Consequently, if it is the 'high' feeling that you seek, then there are products similar to those containing CBD that instead contain THC. You can read more about Delta 8 THC, the most popular, in this beginner’s guide on

    Myths Surrounding CBD Oil Products Like The Tinctures For Instance

    As with the tincture and many of the various CBD products that you can find online with places such as Cheef Botanicals, there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding usage, effects, legality, and so much more.

    It is important to clear up some confusion or contradictions that people are experiencing in order that you know more accurately what to anticipate from the substance.

    • Immediate Effects: The tincture notes as being one of the best methods for consumption as claims suggest it offers the greatest potency and the fastest reaction.

    When you place the drops under your tongue (or sublingual) you need to hold them in place for 30 seconds before swallowing.

    Reaction time begins in as little as 15 minutes but could take as much as 30 minutes with this administration.

    If you’ve just begun taking the substance, you will need to let your body develop a “build up,”  which might take regular use for about 30 day until you start to see full results.

    Taking it for several weeks before gaining benefits is normal as your body acclimates to the new substance. Learn the fundamentals of tinctures at .

    • Cure-All: CBD oil has not been designated as a solution for anything clinically, scientifically, or approved as such, except for treating a form of epilepsy to control seizures. It is not a cure or a miracle. Scientists are continuing to research what they believe are “powerful effects” relating to anxiety, pain, sleep, inflammation, but everything else is merely anecdotal stories.

    Even if the substance were able to rid someone of all the symptoms they suffer from for a specific ailment, there is no promise that it could necessarily turn around and do the same thing for a completely different person.

    It’s simply too early for the powers that be to make those claims. But it is okay to be excited for what the future might hold.

    • Bigger Is Better: This is almost never true in any situation no matter what you it might be, but with dosing in particular. People are under the impression that in consuming higher doses of CBD, the results will happen faster, last longer, and they will feel better sooner. That is simply false.

    As with any type of supplement or drug, there comes a time when you are just taking too much. The good thing about this substance is it does not seem to bring on an overdose and the adverse reactions with an excessive dose are minimal.

    One negative is that overindulging in the various formulas, particularly a more potent tincture has the potential to ultimately make you immune to the compound's effects. Take this for an introduction to tinctures.

    What is recommended is that you start with as minimal of a dose as possible and move up slowly, stopping as soon as there is benefit, and allow your body 30 days to adjust to that dosage.

    There is a widespread belief that everyone simply must take this wonderful compound, and, yes, it is incredible with its properties, and should be enthusiastically recommended, but with caution, and following a doctor consultation.

    For those taking medication, pregnant women, those nursing, or people with underlying conditions, the product might not be a good fit.

    Also, if you are taking it  and it doesn’t feel right, or you’re having reactions within your system, stop it and go to your doctor. Each person is unique unto themselves.

    You need to do what is for your greater good and be responsible for your overall wellness and safety first and foremost.