What an amazing time to be alive. You can play music by telling a robot what you want. You don’t even have to touch your earphones to skip to the next song or be given a news update. You can consume meals that are already made for you. Getting to work is no sweat off your brow as even your car can drive you to work now! It’s amazing the world we live in today. But, could our lifestyle choices be harming you’re well being? On the surface it might not seem so, yet, if you look a little deeper, something very worrying is happening.

The epidemic of sedentary living

To live in the modern world, you don’t have to raise your heart rate over 100. You can catch a train to work, drive, get on an electric scooter, or board a bus. You really don’t need to run or even jog. Decades ago, people had to cycle miles and miles to work. They had to walk everywhere and they had to run for the train or bus when it arrived because if they missed it, they would need to wait another hour or so. Now, we don’t have these concerns. This isn’t the only reason that has led to an epidemic of sedentary living. So what can you do to keep the pounds off your body and keep yourself healthy? Choose a day in the working week. That day, you will need to find a different way into work than you normally would go. Get up early to walk, buy a bicycle or if you can, or perhaps get up an hour early to go for a jog, before you go to work.

Chillhop and work

There’s an online movement called chillhop. It’s a combination of relaxing house music mixed in with a hip hop beat. It’s something millions of people listen to as they do work. If this is something that you put on, increase the volume so you can’t hear anything else, and sit down to work for hours on end, you could be hurting your hearing. This kind of nonchalant approach to ‘background’ music, is why so many people will be searching for a hearing aid style as early as their 60s. The ITC style is small, simple, and molds into your ear shape. The BTE is powerful, large, and is plainly noticeable. Before you develop lasting hearing damage, take off your headphones, and buy some speakers. When you do, put them away from your desk so the bass doesn’t hurt your eardrums.

No more than one

Let’s be honest, you probably take a little liberty with the advice that ‘a glass of wine a day, is good for the heart’. Indeed it is, but too much can be the opposite. What if you’re having more than one glass of wine a day? You will develop an alcohol tolerance and eventually, you will need more and more to feel relaxed. This can lead to the obvious, so, try to skip a wine glass in some evenings or get a non-alcoholic alternative.

Modern sedentary lifestyles are directly linked to the commute to work. We no longer need to be physically fit to be on time. But let’s try to walk or cycle to work more often!


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