7 Steps To Your Healthiest Weight

Here’s the 7 steps to your healthiest weight and body for peri-menopausal and menopausal women who are trying to lose weight permanently!

In this Dish on Ditching Diets podcast episode, I’m breaking down 7 principles to achieving your best body and losing weight for women over 35. This is an important episode for you to truly understand what it means to create a lifestyle transformation.

Most women think it’s normal to approach health, wellness and weight loss by doing strange things like cutting out food groups, doing shake programs, eating 800 or 1200 calorie diets and over exercising.

Much of this thinking is ingrained in us from diet culture over years and decades of our lives. Ironically, we all just think this is normal and how we should approach weight loss.

But most of us have never stopped to considered that this is not normal and it’s actually making it harder for us to reach our goals and taking longer.

In my experience working with clients (for almost 10 years!) and my own 80 pound weight loss experience, women often spend a lot of time focusing on small things that do not make that big of a difference in their health and journey of losing weight permanently.

The big rocks and bigger picture is often overlooked because we are often impatient, are not thinking logically because of all the diets we’ve done in the past, or we think the steps are too simple and can’t possibly be the thing(s) that will help.

In this podcast episode, I will share the 7 rules to achieving your healthiest weight and body for peri-menopausal and menopausal women. This episode is some tough love for you, but know it comes from me wanting the absolute best for you!

You’ve got this. I’m cheering you on virtually!

7 Steps To Your Healthiest Weight

In this Dish on Ditching Diets Podcast Episode, You Will Hear:

  • 7 Steps To Your Healthiest Weight
  • Why Most Women’s Approach To Weight Loss is Flawed
  • Why You Need To Actually Care
  • Why You Need To Expand Your Time Horizon
  • Why You Need To Challenge Your Beliefs
  • The Best Time For You To Prioritize Yourself
  • Victim vs. Investigator Mindset

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