National Threatened Species Day raises awareness of Bega Valley’s at-risk species

National Threatened Species Day raises awareness of Bega Valley’s at-risk species

Those who love the platypus are invited to participate in a research project this September. Photo: Supplied.

Today (7 September) is National Threatened Species Day, which is about raising awareness of animals and plants at risk of extinction, including those in South East NSW.

Australia is home to many species found nowhere else in the world, but many of them are at risk of disappearing forever.

There are 227 threatened plants and animals in the Bega Valley alone, but steps are being taken to protect them, and Bega Valley Shire Council is highlighting the work to save them due to this special day.

Fierce Diablo winds and strongest fire weather this season force power cuts to nearly 400,000 customers in Northern California

“We are seeing a dangerous combination of factors with this forecast. High winds, extremely low humidity, record dry fuels on the ground and severe drought,” said PG&E’s Lynsey Paulo.

The 2020 fire season has already proven devastating for the region, and meteorologists fear the windy, dry conditions will stoke the blazes already underway.

The National Weather Service (NWS) issued a Red Flag warning for much of Northern California starting Sunday and into Tuesday for what the agency calls the “strongest event of the year so far.” More than 30 million people are under the warning through the start of next week, according to CNN meteorologist Tyler Mauldin. A Red Flag warning means damaging winds and extremely low humidity pose a severe risk for wildfires that can spread very quickly.

Earlier this month, PG&E shut off service to some customers to prevent equipment from igniting fires in harsh conditions.