Will you get PS5 or Xbox Series X this year?


Thursday’s inbox shares the story of hardware horrors from different generations, because one reader hopes for Scalebound’s return.

Wait and seeI don’t want to spoil anyone’s fun, but I’m definitely in a camp that feels weird that anyone would choose a new generation console to buy at this point of the year. As far as I am concerned, it is a decision based solely on brand loyalty and almost nothing but technical specifications, which, as history teaches, are completely unbelievable in this kind of decision making.

But I would go further and say I don’t understand why anyone would want to buy PlayStation 5 or Xbox One X (or S, if that really is the thing) this year or at any time for at least the first 12 months. I know the noise can be exciting, but has nobody remembered almost all console launches before? They are always just faulty equipment and terrible games. Why would you want to say it again?

The only exception recently was Switch, and it’s only because Zelda: Breath Of The Wild was really a Wii U game. I would never have got it in the first year until I saw the review, but when I did it, I noted and was very happy with the results . Surely this way you can handle each time you start the console? At least wait for a closer start. I mean, what are people excited about right now, logo?

Until we look closely at the composition of the games, I have no decision about me.benson

Blocking realityOver the past few years I bought PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, Oculus Go and Oculus Quest and they were worth every penny during this blockade.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, Half-Life: Alyx and What Lies Beneath were amazing and just this morning I was kayaking Antarctica, looking for penguins at National Geographic on the Oculus Quest.

If you haven’t experienced VR before, it’s a good time to jump into it.

His social side is especially useful. I watched movies with friends in virtual cinemas and set out on adventures in Orbus VR and Rec Room, and also took care of daily Box VR activities.

I am very happy to live in a virtual world until the real world is fixed.

He will be less wrongGiven the very high quality, Nintendo is usually associated with their previous consoles, NES, SNES and GameCube etc. I mean how many people still have their lies and are still ready to fire and work as they were on the day they were bought.

There seem to be a lot of bugs mentioned about the latest Switch console? I have always considered Nintendo one word: quality. However, if I were ever on the market to buy one of these new Switch consoles, I would now have two doubts: what about all the problems I hear from other readers on these pages? Solve it Ninety!I H

GC: The NES controller had four buttons and a directional pad. A single Joy-Con has 10 buttons, an analog controller, an accelerometer, a gyroscope, the ability to disconnect from the console and, if appropriate, an infrared sensor. The more complicated the equipment, the more things can go wrong. It’s an unchanging law for Nintendo and every manufacturer.

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It could be worse RE: SteJFin and non-working Switch. Ours also stopped working, my wife launched our Switch Lite for the game Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and the battery runs out quickly.

We tried every step we saw on the Internet and the situation did not improve. It seems to charge to 100%, but then the speed drops sharply (to about 80% in three minutes).

It could be worse; When my first gaming computer died in the 90s, I had chickenpox, so I couldn’t go out and get new parts. I had my Saturn, SNES and Mega Drive, but of course I didn’t have internet access through them or my cell phone. I ended up choosing to go online through our On Digital device, paying a minute of usage fee to check my email and visit some of my favorite places.

Our Switch Lite is only five months old, so we should not have a problem repairing it.Fan Commodore

Shocking performanceI hope the Popois316 reader manages to solve the technical problem with BioShock 2. I was unlucky with BioShock due to technical problems. In short, I bought BioShock 1 new twice on Xbox 360 because it caused stuttering after 10 hours of play. I tried everything that technical support and other websites suggested, so I couldn’t finish the game (2008).

All my other games worked perfectly on my Xbox 360, only Bioshock 1 had a problem. A few years ago I got the remastered version of BioShock 1 to finally finish it on my gaming computer. I had problems with the picture and sound. I tried everything suggested by PC support, but eventually they realized that the problem would not go away, so I didn’t go further.

I haven’t played BioShock 2 yet because I haven’t finished BioShock 1 and I wanted to play Minerva’s Den DLC because it was created by the person who created Gone Home, which I liked very much. Last year, I bought Bioshock: The Collection for sale on PlayStation 4, so I’ll try again at some point.

I played BioShock Infinite and it worked well on my computer and I always play games in the order in which they came out if I could, but in this case it was not possible.Andrew J.PS: Digitiser Live Show 2019 is now on YouTube, it’s quite long.

Hidden Gems

I recently finished Vanquish for the Xbox 360 console and despite the fact that the first act was “meh”, I loved the game until its completion (damn it, even the credit sequence was fun).

Although it was great, I wanted more, so quench my thirst for the 2010 futuristic 3rd generation Xbox 360 shooter, which includes the fight against robots combined with shoddy dialogue, nice but stupid characters. Japanese programmers for the American audience decided to choose a binary domain (costs 97 pence, nuts!)

I almost love it more than Vanquish – I think it has a better set, characters and history, but it’s not as good as Vanquish when it comes to boss fights and actual shooting mechanics.

What do people think here (including GameCentral)? Has anyone played this game? Because from what I heard, the Binary Domain did not sell well – like Vanquish – which sucks because both deserve to be continued. Oh well, at least I can value what we have.Wally DüFrankenstein

GC: Both are great games and both are underrated. The binary domain belongs to the same team as Yakuza, if it is interesting – but there are not many shooters in these games.

Watching old game movies that I saved to my hard drive, I came across a Scalebound recording. What a pity he was canceled because he looked like he had real potential, that is, who does not want his own dragon to ride!?

I think Microsoft has the rights to it, but thanks to AutoPublishing Platinum it would be great now if they could get it back! At that time, Hideki Kamiya seemed to be a passion, and it’s a shame that he was allowed to die.LastYearsModel

GC: This seems like an obvious idea, and yet Platinum has said so far that this will not happen. I hope they are just shy.

Comet hour, game is coming 

I must say that the overwhelming success of Animal Crossing was a surprise to me. I never imagined he had such an audience. As a big Nintendo fan, I’m a bit ashamed that I haven’t tried any of the previous titles at all. I have never been completely convinced that I will start playing freely, for example, I am not a Minecraft fan.

It’s always great to try something new, so maybe it’s time to try. I was wondering if you can help me with two questions before sharing with 45 pounds? How does it compare compared to Stardew Valley? Stardew Valley has been on my list for years, but I’m not sure I would like to get it if I get Animal Crossing because they are a bit similar.

I thought that the aspect of creep / fight in Stardew Valley dungeons would help to give the game an additional dimension, and at the same time it will be much cheaper. The second question is how important it is to get Animal Crossing right now? I thought about leaving it until the end of the blockade and going back to work, because I imagine it is a game in shorter series than in really long sessions of the game that I can afford now.

But it seems to me that I miss many things with all these events on time, etc. Plus the overall noise. You don’t quite understand how this game works. Do you think I would lose a lot while waiting? Ryan O’D

GC: Stardew Valley is a bit more traditional video game, but all similarities between them are quite superficial. Animal Crossing has an unexpected success due to the fact that it is an ideal game to play during blockade; given its delicate nature, external theme and lack of stress. Leaving it until then seems a perverse touch, if you get it at all.

Inboxes also received

Will you be reviewing Predator: Hunting Grounds this week? Very curious how it will go.Colm

GC: No, because it is a multiplayer game, we have to wait for the public servers to start.

Finally, I arrived at Tarantula Island, I play over 200 hours. Sip. Now wait for Flick to appear! Anyway, I’m looking forward to the update … err … today.bent boy (Jab from Applegrove)

It’s like Flick’s wet dream (photo by Jab)



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