Reshuffle in Kiev amid scandals

Zelensky’s deputy chief of staff is among the Ukrainian officials losing their jobs

Kirill Timoshenko has resigned as deputy head of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s office, after the head of state pledged to shake up the government.

The reshuffle, which the president announced in his daily video address on Tuesday morning, will affect officials “on different levels, in ministries and other bodies of central and provincial authority, and law enforcement.”

Timoshenko is the most senior official whose removal from office has been confirmed so far. He published his signed resignation letter on social media in a farewell post.

Some Ukrainian news outlets have said he will be replaced with Aleksey Kuleba, head of the Kiev Region administration, and that Timoshenko may be put in charge of a provincial administration.

Osun court sentences six to death by hanging


An Osun State High Court sitting in Osogbo on Monday sentenced four men to death by hanging for offences bordering on armed robbery and murder of one Victor Akinbile, said to be a relative of the immediate past Osun State Deputy Governor, Mr. Benedict Alabi.

The convicts, Hammed Rafiu, 37; Rasidi Waidi, 39; Kayode Sunday, 29; and Owolabi Bashiru, 54; were first arraigned before Justice Jide Falola on October 23, 2019, on six counts of armed robbery and murder.

They had pleaded not guilty to the offenses.

Prosecution Counsel from the state Ministry of Justice, Dele Akintayo, while giving the facts of the case, said Akinbile had come to Osun on November 26, 2018, for the swearing-in ceremony of the former governor, Adeboyega Oyetola, and went to Ikirun to pass the night when he was abducted by the four men.

Shooting fallout: Metal detectors in elementary schools?

— The shooting of a first-grade teacher by a 6-year-old boy has plunged the nation into uncharted waters of school violence, with many in the Virginia shipbuilding city where it happened demanding metal detectors in every school.

But experts warn there are no easy solutions when it comes to preventing gun violence in schools.

“This is a real game changer,” said Mo Canady, executive director of the National Association of School Resource Officers, which trains law enforcement members who work in schools.

“How do we begin to approach the idea of protecting students and staff from an armed 6-year-old?” he said of the attack Friday in Newport News.

American educators have long been trying to create safe spaces that feel less like prisons and more like schools. If anything, Friday’s shooting fuels a debate over the effectiveness of metal detectors — which are still relatively rare in schools — and other safety measures.

Berlin imam demands harsh penalties for violent offenders

Berlin imam demands harsh penalties for violent offenders

police training? State should make offers to young people Taha Sabri: “We have to call this problem by its name”

HomeNewsRiots on New Year’s Eve: Berlin imam calls for harsh punishment for violent offenders

The Neukölln imam Mohamed Taha Sabri wants not only criminal prosecution after the riots but also integration offers – for example with the police or fire brigade.

After riots on New Year’s Eve, the discussion about the consequences began. dpa/TNN/Julius Christian Schreiner

Dangerous Liaisons Recap: The Red-Thread Mystery


We go from several to zero orgies in this episode. Dangerous Liaisons? More like Not That Dangerous Chit Chats, amirite? Lotta chatting this week. And a make-out, but then it was interrupted for more chatting. Come on, people, it’s late 18th-century France! I know you don’t think every week can be some kind of party, but that’s because you haven’t seen Sanditon.

Make Way for the Killer Robots: The Government Is Expanding Its Power To Kill


“Crush! Kill! Destroy!”—The Robot, Lost in Space

The purpose of a good government is to protect the lives and liberties of its people.

Unfortunately, we have gone so far in the opposite direction from the ideals of a good government that it’s hard to see how this trainwreck can be redeemed.

It gets worse by the day.

For instance, despite an outcry by civil liberties groups and concerned citizens alike, in an 8-3 vote on Nov. 29, 2022, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors approved a proposal to allow police to arm robots with deadly weapons for use in emergency situations.

This is how the slippery slope begins.

According to the San Francisco Police Department’s draft policy, “Robots will only be used as a deadly force option when risk of loss of life to members of the public or officers is imminent and outweighs any other force option available to SFPD.”

Crime Boss Rockay City System Requirements Revealed for PC

Crime Boss Rockay City System Requirements Crime Boss Rockay City on PC Crime Boss Rockay City Release Date Crime Boss Rockay City Minimum Requirements Crime Boss Rockay City Recommended Requirements

Crime Boss: Rockay City is an upcoming first-person shooter from INGAME Studios and 505 Games. The title was revealed during The Game Awards 2022 and featured a pretty stacked cast with the likes of Michael Madsen, Chuck Norris, Danny Glover, and more. The gameplay allows for solo or co-op turf wars, and the gameplay footage reminded me a lot of Payday titles. It’s coming to PC and consoles in March 2023. Here are the official Crime Boss Rockay City System Requirements.

Michael Jessen: This Dog Bite Lawsuit is a Lie! Even Juliana is Backing Me Up!

Just days ago, we reported on how Michael Jessen’s ex-wife’s ex-husband is suing him over an alleged dog bite.

Dog bites can be serious. In this case, Sean Naso claimed that he received a bite on his finger from Michael’s lapdog, Howard.

But according to Michael, Sean’s version of events doesn’t match up to reality.

And you’ll never guess whose sworn affidavit is backing up Michael in what he claims is a frivolous-at-best lawsuit.

On Wednesday morning, Michael Jessen took to Instagram to post an emotionally charged update on the lawsuit.

“I guess that it wasn’t enough for you to fool around with my wife and then some,” he began.

Michael reminded his followers that this alleged cheating took place “under my roof.”

“Now you gotta keep picking on this ‘vicious’ little fella,” Michael accused.

“And,” he then noted, “keep on suing me….”

Without saying so, it is clear that Michael is referring to Sean Naso.

TUCKER CARLSON: Apple is now an active collaborator with China’s murderous police state

The post TUCKER CARLSON: Apple is now an active collaborator with China’s murderous police state appeared first on Fox News.

Unless you read The Daily Mail, which is an English paper published online, you probably didn’t know that Chinese President Xi Jinping sent tanks into a major city last night in order to put down protests against his rule. Virtually no American media outlets even acknowledge that that happened, and that’s pretty weird if you think about it. Imagine, for example, that Hungarian leader Viktor Orbán put tanks into Budapest to crush his political opponents. Would our media notice? Oh, yeah, they would. It’d be on the front page of The New York Times. “Morning Joe” would lead with it, and keep in mind that Hungary is a very small country. It’s got a GDP smaller than South Dakota’s.

Family concerned about whereabouts of Whelan, American jailed in Russia


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The brother of Paul Whelan, an American jailed in Russia, said on Tuesday his family is concerned about his whereabouts after not hearing from him for days and unclear messages from the prison staff that he was moved to the prison hospital.

David Whelan, the brother of Paul, said that the family does not definitely know where Paul is. Paul, a former U.S. Marine is serving 16 years in the Russian region of Mordovia on charges of espionage - which he denies.

The penal colony's staff said that Paul was moved to the prison hospital on Nov. 17, a day after the visit of American and Irish diplomats, but Paul last talked to his parents on Nov. 23 and did not mention the move, David Whelan said.

The family has not heard from him since. David Whelan added that when transferred to the prison's hospital in the past, Paul had always mentioned the move in his phone calls.