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With more and more adults now being vaccinated in the UK, many people are beginning to look ahead to travelling further afield for the first time post-pandemic. If you are looking into travelling abroad this year or next, and are apprehensive, these are some aspects to consider before booking that flight.

Government Guidelines

With guidance and restrictions changing all the time, one of the most important things to consider before booking anything is what the current Government rules are for travel to the country you are looking into visiting. The recent traffic light system will show you quickly and easily what the rules are for your chosen destination, when travelling from the UK, but it is also important to check the rules in that country too. For example, at the time of writing this post, New Zealand is on the UK Green list, but they have not opened their borders up for the UK, so you wouldn’t be able to travel there.

Post Pandemic Travel


Something I always forget about when booking a holiday abroad is getting to the airport, and it always ends up stressing me out. The last thing you want when making that first trip abroad is to be frantically searching for transport to and from the airport. A train transfer can make your journey there easy, and help start the holiday off in style.


Depending on where and when you are travelling, it may be necessary to take a Covid tests before you leave and return to the UK. Make sure you know which test you need to take, how long before travelling you need to take it, and whether you will also need to test again before leaving your destination to come back home.

Post Pandemic Travel


Now, more than ever, it is important to make sure you have insurance for travelling. Make sure you look into what is covered, and whether there are any caveats, which may make your insurance invalid, in this ever changing world. Insurance can bring you peace of mind and assurance that you will be covered, should anything go wrong or you are unable to go away due to Covid or any other illness.

Post Pandemic Travel

Going abroad for the first time post pandemic is bound to be a little daunting, but by being prepared, and doing your research, you can ease any concerns you might have, allowing you to focus your attention on enjoying your well deserved break away. Follow the above tips to help prepare you for travel in a post pandemic world, and remember to switch off and relax whilst you’re away – this past 18 months has been hugely stressful for so many people, it is totally normal to need a break from everything.