It is Better to Give than Receive: 31 Scriptures on Giving

It is Better to Give than Receive: 31 Scriptures on Giving

As I type this morning, a cool breeze dances through an open window, and a cerulean sky beckons me outdoors. Beautiful days like this fill my soul with peace and gratitude and make me excited for Thanksgiving which we will celebrate very soon.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. My heart holds wonderful memories of family gatherings, enough food for a small country, and playing hide-and-seek with cousins. Though for many of us the holidays stir good memories and excitement about gathering with friends and family, the Lord nudged me today with the reminder of those in need, those grieving during Thanksgiving and Christmas, and the many sitting alone at home.

Analysis: The Key Ingredients of Modern Farming – Soil, Rain, and Broadband

Analysis: The Key Ingredients of Modern Farming – Soil, Rain, and Broadband

The state of broadband in America’s farmlands is a mixture of the good, the bad, and the apprehensive.

The good: successes and advancements brought on by broadband and various digital technologies.

The bad: many farms still have to rely on pitifully weak technologies such as satellite and DSL.

The cloud of apprehension: we spend $6 billion in broadband grants yearly with surprisingly little to show for it, and yet we’re ready to do it again next year.

Is Mexican Exchange Bitso Behind El Salvador’s Chivo Wallet?

Is Mexican Exchange Bitso Behind El Salvador’s Chivo Wallet?

The mystery of the Chivo wallet persists. And Bitso comes into the picture as part of a more credible report confirmed through official channels. It seems like NewsBTC was right to doubt Forbes’s article about BitGo being behind the Chivo wallet.  This Reuters report, on the other hand, comes with specific information and quotes confirming the news. For example:

“We are looking forward to working with El Salvador in an initiative that will transform payment structures and increase financial inclusion in the country,” said Santiago Alvarado, vice-president of Bitso for Business.

Lenovo Legion Slim 7i gaming laptop – the slender assassin (review)


A gaming powerhouse in a sleek package, the Lenovo Legion Slim 7i gaming laptop is a tempting option for those who want a games machine to go.

As a general rule, you get more bang for your buck when buying a desktop PC rather than a notebook. Of course, that’s starting to change with the exorbitant prices of some high-end graphics cards and other desktop components. 

This gaming laptop wouldn’t look out of place in a business meeting, helping makes it a more attractive value proposition. It could double up as your portable productivity and entertainment machine.

Keep in mind this is the ‘Slim’ model, which makes some sacrifices compared to Lenovo’s standard Legion 7i range. If you’re after the very latest and greatest Intel processor or NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics, then you’ll want to consider the alternatives, but the Legion Slim 7i is certainly no gaming lightweight. 

How Big Is A Bag Of Compost?

Perhaps you have heard that gardens do better when you add compost. That is all well and good, but you still have questions. Specifically, how big is a bag of compost, and how many do you need for your garden? In this post, we gathered information from around the web to provide a useful and thorough answer.

Usually, compost is sold in 1 cubic foot bags. However, any size from 1/2 cubic foot to three cubic foot bags is also common. From bulk sellers, you can even buy bags of compost that are hundreds of cubic feet large. Generally, using one cubic foot of compost per 12 square feet of the garden is a minimum recommended compost application.

Keep reading the rest of this post for details on compost bag sizes. We also cover how to decide how much compost to put on your garden and the advantages compost confers to your garden. We also provide directions on how to use compost.

How to Get $100 - $500 Payday Loans Online Fast

In order to receive a loan from $ 100 to $ 500, you must be a US citizen or official resident, have a regular monthly source of income, provide an active bank account and government-issued ID.

4 Steps to Throw the Best Online Dance Party Ever

After a long, hard pandemic, many of us are scratching at the walls to get out and party. If your ultimate dance buddies are still locked down or unable to come join the fun, an online dance party could be the answer.

Follow these simple tips and you could find yourself hosting your own online party tonight! Read on to find out how.

1. Select Your Platform

Zoom became the go-to platform during the pandemic for work meetings, family catch-ups, and virtual parties. A virtual zoom dance party is easy to arrange and set up, plus most people are now familiar with its functions. If you want a dance party for more than 100 people or longer than 40 minutes, you’ll need a paid account.

Google Meet is another great option, with similar functions to Zoom. Microsoft Teams and Webex are other options but they do have limited audio settings so may not offer you the same range of online disco party flexibility.

2 Ways You Can Use Payday Advance Loan Online

The interest that is astronomical simple Green Loans costs for little quantities of cash will undoubtedly enhance your financial anxiety, fairly than lessen it. Your re payment schedule counts within your home that is real loan. Your very own res varies relying on repayment dates, quantity supported and moments you obtain revenue, which will be typically on a bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly base. You probably have got actually A advance economical Installment financing in Mississippi and want assistance realizing your very own expense regimen, or email anytime.

Work debtors willing to improve their credit rating standing. LendUp scientific studies to the three financing this is certainly main of these throughout the biggest quantities of their money Ladder. Rachel joined seven payday loan agreements along with the provider that is identical a time period which is 13-month.

How To Train For A Half Marathon

I’ve been running for 20+ years, have run over 50 races and half marathons may be my favorite distance to race. They’re challenging, but they don’t take over your life the way marathon training can. I also like that I can push harder in a half marathon since I don’t have to run as long. I’ve been able to see big improvements in my half marathon time, cutting over 30 minutes off my PR over the years.

Another thing I love about half marathons is that even beginners can do them. In fact, my first-ever race was a half marathon, over 17 years ago! And my husband’s first-ever race was a half marathon too, just a few years ago.

8 Most Readily Useful Firestarter For Camping Reviews In 2021 (June)

8 Most Readily Useful Firestarter For Camping Reviews In 2021 (June)

Camping within the backwoods is thrilling and exciting, while the campfire can truly add more towards the already building-up excitement. Therefore, if you’re jonesing to head out when you look at the wilderness, fire may be useful every so often. Fire could keep animals that are wild from straying in your vicinity, or you can use it as an urgent situation sign to call down other fellow campers. And in case everything goes appropriate, it can be utilized to produce excitement by setting up a campfire. Oftentimes, the existence of matchsticks and lighters can perform miracles, however you can't actually disregard the importance of fire starters. It doesn’t matter what kind of climate is offered, fire beginners will usually assist build up the fire. Below, we now have jotted straight down the firestarter that is best for camping that will help you find the correct one for the next journey.