Walter White / July 17,2020

Second stimulus check eligibility status update: Who might qualify for an extra payment

Second stimulus check eligibility status update: Who might qualify for an extra payment

The proposals for who may or may not qualify for a second stimulus check are dizzying.

Angela Lang/CNET

We know that the Senate will be “looking at another direct payment” when the new session starts on Monday, that much is clear. Among other things, the debate will center on how big a second stimulus check could be and who will (or won’t) qualify to get it. 

Even if you received the first stimulus check for the maximum amount of $1,200, you won’t automatically qualify for a second payment. Those requirements could be aimed at people who are currently unemployed or earn relatively low incomes, White House economic advisor Larry Kudlow said last week.

Eligibility is likely to be determined by citizenship, income limit, age, marital status and number of dependents in the household; these parameters could become either broader or more narrow in a second stimulus check. The first direct payment limited how many dependents you could claim and set an age limit for qualifying children (more below). 

Keep reading for all of the current information regarding another economic impact payment. And here’s when we think the IRS could send the first batch of new stimulus checks, if they happen. This story is updated frequently.

Keep track of the coronavirus pandemic.

Walter White / July 17,2020

4 Summer Skin Concerns & How to Solve Them

4 Summer Skin Concerns & How to Solve Them

While we love the carefree nature of the summer, we’re not huge fans of the skin flare-ups that accompany it. Humidity and heat, excess sweat, and sun exposure can have some not-so-great effects on skin. Dry skin gets drier, oily skin gets oilier, and, outside of your natural skin types, certain skin conditions like acne, eczema, rosacea, and melasma actually tend to worse — and don’t even get us started on maskne.

While you’re probably spending a majority of your time this season indoors anyway — there is still a pandemic happening, after all — on the occasions you do venture outside, you’ll want to do your part in protecting yourself from these common summer skin concerns. Ahead, Miami board-certified dermatologist Janelle Vega, MD fills us in on how to do just that.

4 Summer Skin Concerns & How to Solve Them

The Skin Concern: Breakouts

As those who suffer from acne know, the process of treating it is a never-ending cycle. And that process tends to get even more difficult in the summer. “Increased sweating from the heat and humidity can lead to the clogging of hair follicles,” Dr. Vega says. “Oil, sweat and hair all come from the same unit, so clogging of the follicle can lead to the inadvertent build-up of oil and sebum, which attracts bacteria — creating a perfect situation for acne to form.” 

Walter White / July 14,2020

The Overwatch League Grand Finals Have Been Revealed


Earlier today, The Overwatch League announced details regarding the format of its 2020 postseason and upcoming Grand Finals. You can watch the official announcement video below.

According to the announcement, all 20 teams will have the opportunity to qualify for the postseason. Matches will be held online and will again be split between two divisions, with 13 teams playing in North America, and seven in Asia. Seeds and byes will be determined by regular-season standings and teams’ performances in three tournaments: the May Melee, the Summer Showdown, and the Countdown Cup,

The Countdown Cup begins this Saturday at 5 am AEST and over a three-week span, all 20 teams will play qualifier matches: three per team in the Asia region and four in North America. You can check out the schedule here to see when your  favourite team is playing.

Following this, postseason play begins on 4 September (AEST) with single-elimination play-in matches between the lowest seeds in the North America and Asia brackets. There’s a total of US $4 million at stake in the playoffs and double-elimination play will start that weekend on 6 September between teams that win their play-in match. The remaining lower seeds will then compete with higher seeds in double-elimination tournaments in North America and Asia the following week. Champions of the winners’ and losers’ brackets in each region will advance to a final four Grand Finals tournament.

Walter White / July 11,2020

Harley-Davidson Announces “Rewire” Progress

Harley-Davidson Announces “Rewire” Progress

It is a tough year for motorcycle manufacturers.  April and May’s sales of bikes were dismal but the end of the doldrums appears to be approaching.  Some manufacturers have issued press releases indicating that sales are looking good for the rest of 2020.

Somewhat differently, a Harley-Davidson (Harley) press release touts not its present sales, but its plans to rejuvenate itself through a plan called “The Rewire”.  The plan is the beginning of Harley’s first steps to return the company to its former glory.

The Rewire and significant changes

The MoCo is making very significant changes.  Much happened the in early part of this year.   CEO Matt Levatich left the company Jochen Zeitz has taken the reins.  Now, John Olin, Harley’s CFO is out and is being replaced by current VP and Treasurer, Darrel Thomas until a successor is appointed.

Harley-Davidson Announces “Rewire” Progress

Jochen Zeitz is the man behind The Rewire plan.  Photo credit: Harley-Davidson

While the management shakeup is significant, bigger changes are being made.  Clearly, some big changes are necessary and the Rewire is implementing them.

Walter White / July 11,2020

6 Ways To Incorporate SEO While Building A Business in 2020

6 Ways To Incorporate SEO While Building A Business in 2020

There’s no quick fix, or “one and done” solution when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). You have to be prepared to play the long game to see the full advantages of SEO when developing a site — and it’s worth it to see your site rank highly on search engine result pages.

That said, there are some methods that will give you a quick boost. Shift more attention to the most significant ranking factors and tactics that will give your site the ability to rise to the top of the search results this year.

Choose a Responsive Design

User experience is a big deal these days. Google loves to serve its users the best results possible. If your website isn’t easy to use on a mobile device, you’re going to suffer a setback in ranking. Think about it, have you ever landed on a site where you had to zoom in to read the text and scroll side-to-side to read all of the content? This was most likely the desktop version of a website. It was made for larger screens and doesn’t reformat to fit on different screen sizes.

Responsive sites will resize images and reorganize the blocks of content according to the size of the screen. If you want to test whether a website is responsive, open up a web page on a desktop or laptop. From the full screen, shrink the window by clicking and dragging, and you’ll see the sidebars move, the navigation and header will take on new positions and the content and images will line up differently. 

Mobile search volume accounts for more than half of the total searches made online (see chart below). A responsive, mobile friendly site is no longer an option, but a necessity, when it comes to providing an enjoyable user experience.

Walter White / July 11,2020

Helpful tips to online dating sites as being a parent that is single


Helpful tips to online dating sites as being a parent that is single

Yes, you can find ‘rules’ and algorithms – but there is additionally a complete great deal of enjoyable that can be had. Skilled daters show you through the procedure, from pages to puckering up

First things first: where you should look

There are several online online dating sites, as well as all have various characters. Utilize our enjoyable (rather than totally severe) dining dining table below to discover which will be for your needs.

I will be searching for…

Fellow solitary moms and dads whom are simply because knackered as i will be
Single Parent Dating Just solitary moms and dads

Brainy, artsy kinds who will not scream once I place broadcast 4 on
Guardian Soulmates Telegraph DatingTimes: Encounters Dating

Blokey blokes eHarmony

Gay women(although many web web web sites enable you to seek out various intimate orientations)

Some body with a beard plus an Oyster card

Shift employees, costume enthusiasts and firemen
Uniform Dating

Heritage vultures

A fast little bit of just how’s your father
loads of seafood

Young men* *You will not have difficulty finding older males – trust us
Tinder (software) OKCupid

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7 Important Everyday Life Lessons Weight Loss Taught United States


Fat burning products are coming to be a crucial part of human wellness. It has ended up being required to switch out the lack of exercises with a healthy diet regimen, due to the fact that workout is actually recognized to enhance the body’s metabolic rate as well as get rid of calories. Dropping weight becomes a routine and also it is really good to shed the excess calories in the body.

Luckily, with the aid of weight-loss items, this practice may be carried out without must exert oneself a lot of. By adhering to the meals to eat and the drinks to consume alcohol that you need to consume alcohol, you are going to be able to reduce weight with help from these items.

The expense information of the fat burning items is additionally acceptable and also it will certainly not hinder your budget plan too much. There are various weight management items accessible nowadays and you can choose the most effective one for you.

If you do not wish to spend funds on the item, thus you can easily take into consideration performing the study yourself on the net. There are actually a bunch of evaluations available for the different weight management items, thus you may opt for the correct one for you. Through just reviewing the recommendations on the net, you are going to have the capacity to create your choice regarding which item to get.

Prior to Related Web Page getting any effective weight loss products, you ought to find out whether the product has any type of negative effects or problems. Through checking out the active ingredients of the product, you will certainly have the ability to identify if the item has chemical substances that are harmful to your health and wellness.

Walter White / July 01,2020

How Technology Could Promote Growth in 6 African Countries


Executive Summary

Africa is closely watched as the next big growth market – a description that has persisted for a while. Despite many reasons for optimism, growth in Africa has stalled; both the IMF and the World Bank have cut their 2019 economic growth projections for sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) to 3.5% and 2.8% respectively, with growth in 2018 at 2.3%.  Does the true acceleration potential for the region lies in the rapid spread of mobile digital technology, which would help the region “leapfrog” ahead in its economic development? The Tufts Fletcher School, in a research project funded by the Mastercard Impact Fund, examined this proposition. In a study of six key countries drawn from different sub-regions, the authors examined three primary categories of levers that could translate digital technology uptake into development and inclusive growth: jobs enabled by digital platforms; institutional drivers necessary for digital success; and the foundational digital potential of the country.

Africa is closely watched as the next big growth market – a description that has persisted for a while. There are many reasons for optimism: the African continent is home to some of the youngest populations in the world, it promises to be a major consumption market over the next three decades, and it is increasingly mobile phone-enabled. An emerging digital ecosystem is particularly crucial as multiplier of that growth, because access to smart phones and other devices enhances consumer information, networking, job-creating res, and even financial inclusion.

Walter White / June 30,2020

Norway turns to IBM blockchain for sustainable salmon—and activists are probably happy

Norway turns to IBM blockchain for sustainable salmon—and activists are probably happy

For Norway’s huge following of climate change and sustainable farming activists, blockchain technology may hold an answer.

Last week, the Norwegian Seafood Association (NSA) said it is partnering with IBM for the latter’s enterprise blockchain solution “Transparent Supply” — changing how its billion-dollar fish industry will operate moving forward.

Salmon—now blockchain-tagged

Norwegian Salmon is a serious business. Reports estimate the industry generates just shy of $1 billion annually in imports for the Scandinavian country—making up an important part of its overall economy.

Concerns of sustainability and traceability have been raised in the past. The aura around Norwegian Salmon brings with it below-par products, frauds, and storage concerns, all of which individually contribute towards buyer decisions.

But Kvarøy Arctic, one of the joinees, thinks blockchain technology ends such concerns. The firm is a leading provider of naturally sea farmed salmon, and shall soon deliver blockchain-tagged fish fillets to retailers in the United States and Canada.

Walter White / June 29,2020

What does China’s national security law for Hong Kong say? | China News


A brand new Hong Kong safety legislation got here into impact on Wednesday that can punish crimes of secession, subversion, terrorism and collusion with overseas forces with as much as life in jail, heralding a extra authoritarian period for China’s freest metropolis.

Hong Kong authorities threw a safety blanket throughout the territory early on Wednesday, the 23rd anniversary of the previous British colony’s handover to Chinese language rule, solely hours after Beijing imposed the brand new laws.

Some two dozen Western nations, together with the UK and the USA, have urged China to rethink the safety legislation, saying Beijing should protect rights to meeting and free speech that have been agreed when Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997.

China says the legislation is focused at a number of “troublemakers” and accuses the UK and US of interfering in inner issues and fomenting unrest in Hong Kong.


#NationalSecurityLaw for #HongKong full textual content in English:

— Qingqing_Chen (@qingqingparis) July 1, 2020

Beneath are some particulars on the legislation, which got here into impact at 15:00 GMT on Tuesday.