Changes to make in your 30s to set you up for lifelong success

Sam Walton founded Walmart at age 44; Julia Child published her first cookbook at 60. Your best years may be way ahead of you.
It’ll depend a lot on how you spend the next decade or so — will you start saving or rack up credit-card debt? Wallow in self pity or learn to be happy with what you have?
Over on Quora, hundreds of people have shared the best ways to spend your 30s in order to lay the foundation for success and fulfillment later on. We sifted through those threads and rounded up 13 compelling responses.

Rep. Cheney: Dems' actions 'really shameful'

Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wy., called the actions of House Democrats “shameful” during a brief appearance Tuesday on “Hannity.”

“What we watched happen today and what we’ve watched happened since Democrats have been in charge of the House of Representatives is really shameful. You know you’ve had Democratic leadership completely unwilling to condemn their own members particularly for really vile anti-Semitic remarks,” Cheney told Sean Hannity, referring to the past response to Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar’s comments about Israel.

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‘Hustlers’ trailer gives us the J-Lo stripper heist movie we truly deserve

When Jennifer Lopez asks if you’re in, you say yes. So get on board with this trailer for Hustlers, loosely based on a true story, about a group of strippers scheming to fleece their sleazy, loaded clients out of more than just a few fistfuls of dollar bills. 
J-Lo plays the ringleader, telling her fellow dancers that “the game is rigged” — and hey, don’t the post-crash Wall Street bros and execs they’re targeting deserve a little retribution?


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