NBN Co is proposing new high speed 250Mbps and 1Gbps plans

In a past consultation paper, NBN Co floated the idea of raising the prices for Australian broadband users based on the type of data they were using rather than the amount. This was dubbed the ‘Netflix tax’ by critics, as it was predominantly targeting streaming media usage. 
The proposal was met with wide backlash and considered an attack on net neutrality, but NBN back-pedalled on the seriousness of the proposal, claiming that its wording didn’t specify whether it was a price increase or decrease for such usage.

Transgender woman attacked in Portland in what police say may be hate crime

Three people, including a transgender woman, were attacked in Portland, Oregon, in what police say may be a bias crime.
The assault happened in a downtown parking lot around 2:30 a.m. Thursday, and the assailants had fled by the time officers arrived, Portland police said in a statement.
Atlas Marshall, who said she was attacked near some food carts, believes she was targeted because she is transgender, NBC affiliate KGW of Portland reported.

Is R. Kelly’s Ex, Dominique Gardner, Pregnant? Here’s What We Know

What else has Dominique Gardner been up to?
Aside from finding love and starting a new family, Dominique has been working to establish her independence. Shortly after leaving R. Kelly, she revealed in an interview that she was living with her mom on the North Side of Chicago and working in order to get a studio apartment of her own. She also sought therapy. But apart from this, she hasn’t shared any more details.

Going cashless? What to know before you hand a debit card to your children

It’s the night before a school field trip, and your son or daughter suddenly remembers they need cash for the next day.
Do you have the money in your wallet? Or do you need to make a light-night stop at an ATM or have another child temporarily lend them the money?

Nicholas Prior | Getty Images


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