Jeffrey Epstein informed a press reporter he saw Silicon Valley notables doing drugs and ‘scheduling sex’

Jeffrey Epstein, the disgraced investor who passed away by suicide in prison on Saturday, informed a press reporter in 2015 he had dirt on a few of Silicon Valley’s elite.

The stereotyped tech business owner is an unpopular man who works all the time. However according Epstein, the fact was much various, The New York City Times’ James B. Stewart stated in a report on Monday Epstein stated he had actually seen popular tech figures doing drugs and “scheduling sex,” according to the post.

“They were hedonistic and routine users of leisure drugs,” Stewart reported, paraphrasing Epstein.

Stewart does not call any specific individuals whom Epstein stated he saw doing illegal or hedonistic things.

The post concentrates on Epstein’s claim that he was asked by Tesla CEO Elon Musk to assist him discover a brand-new chairman for the electric-car business. Epstein informed Stewart that Musk had actually licensed him to assist discover a brand-new chairman after Musk got in problem with the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2015 over an inexpedient tweet about having actually “moneying protected” for the business to go personal.

In a declaration to Company Expert, a representative for Musk stated it was “inaccurate to state that Epstein ever encouraged Elon on anything.”

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Stewart later on thought of “how little details Mr. Epstein had in fact offered” in the interview. “While I can’t state anything he stated was a specific lie, much of what he stated was unclear or speculative and could not be shown or negated,” Stewart stated in his report.

Epstein had actually asked Stewart to keep the interview on background, implying that Stewart could not associate any realities to or quote Epstein in a subsequent post about what they went over. With Epstein’s death, Stewart thought about that contract to have actually ended.

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