When Our Daughter Walked in on Us

One sunny Sunday morning, my husband and I were in bed, right in the middle of things, when he shouted and pulled the comforter over us. But it was too late: We’d been caught.
We don’t usually do it on top of the covers. My feet get cold and I like to feel all snuggled up. And the dog sleeps in our room and I don’t like him to see, so we usually stay under the sheets. But not that morning. That morning, my husband was feeling groovy.

Roblox EC-1, immigration requirements doubling, grief in the workplace, and cannabis startups

The Roblox EC-1
Following in the wake of our deep profiles of Patreon and Niantic, we have our next EC-1 package, this time on children’s gaming platform Roblox . Extra Crunch writer Sherwood Morrison has covered gaming and startups for years, and he got an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at the incredibly popular startup with interviews with many of the company’s principals. This is your weekend read.
How Roblox avoided the gaming graveyard and grew into a $2.5B company

Blair Braverman uses her adorable dogs to talk about body image

Blair Braverman, Twitter legend, feels great about her body image and she’d like for you to get on the same page.
The author and self-described “adventurer” who is also a competitive musher and prolific Twitter user, used her adorable army of sled dogs to make a point about body image. In a sprawling Saturday tweetstorm, Braverman described how her experiences raising and training the pups helped to give her a healthy perspective.

Field of Glory: Empires Review (PC)

Witness the rise of the Roman Republic in 310 BC to the fall of the Roman Empire in 190 AD in a highly-detailed grand strategy game
Before even starting to talk about the game itself, I have to admit that I for one am more of a RTS type of person, as I love things to be always on the move and I like to see how my soldiers fight.
While I do enjoy TBS games as well, something about grand strategy games make me feel like I’m playing an elaborate game of chess rather than enjoying the mayhem of war with hundreds of soldiers.


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